Friday, January 22, 2010

A Seamless, Treat Filled, Sweetheart Flower

I was playing with my Sweetheart stamp set and heart shaped treat cups and wanted to make the heart flower that I had seen on this card in the Stampin' Up! Heart Treat Cup Flyer. I like this card, but I don't like the seam in the middle where the piece of card stock with the heart meets the piece with the stem.

Only one problem, I couldn't figure out how to punch out the center of the heart with a larger piece of card stock because the punch only punches from the bottom up and wouldn't reach the center of the stamped heart.

So I did some experimenting and discovered that the adhesive lip on the treat cups is clear and can be adhered over the stamped image.  I really didn't need to use the heart punch at all for this project.

Attaching the filled treat cup to the card was a little tricky.  I had to hold it over my head so I could see to line up the treat cup with stamped image without the candy falling out. I wouldn't want to make too many of these using this method but I achieved the look I wanted:

A Seamless, Treat Filled, Sweetheart Flower.

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