Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vacation Time!

Sunset on Silver Lake

On Vacation!
I left the sweltering heat and humidty of Florida to spend August in Upstate New York.

I really had every intention of making this a working vacation. I packed a suitcase with some card making essentials and my camera. But the only pictures I've captured are these.

View from our Cabin
View from top of Silver Lake Mountain
Silver Lake
For the first week of our vacation we stayed in a cabin on Silver Lake in AuSable Forks, New York. The weather was great...maybe a little on the chilly side for us Florida folk. But certainly a refreshing change!

My mom and I actually worked on a Paper Pumpkin kit but of course I forgot to capture that on film. :-?

Katie, Becca, Sierra and Aubrey on the way up the mountain.

My daughters (minus one) and my grandaughter went on a hike to the top of Silver Lake Mountain with their cousins, aunts and uncle.

The Hikers 
Back Row:
Julia (sister), Tim (BIL), Kate (sister), Vanessa (niece), Becca (daughter), Aubrey (daughter), Katie (daughter)
Front Row: Sierra (granddaughter), Chris (nephew), Tyler (nephew)

The girls are having a great time with their cousins.
The last night of camp Aubrey, Chris and Tyler played Clothed and Afraid — the PG version of the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid. They built their own fire, gathered firewood, and slept out on the beach.

They all owe a huge thank you to their Uncle Tim who slept out on the hammock all night (out of sight but within earshot) to make sure they were all safe!

Aubrey and Katie (Photo bombed by Chris and Tyler)
After Silver Lake, Katie and my husband had to fly back to Florida but Aubrey and I have been staying at Becca's house in Schoharie, New York.

We have been shopping, eating, reading and relaxing. Again I thought surely I would find time to write a blog post or two — but no — instead we did this.

Lunch at the Schoharie Creek

What a great day! We brought our lunch down to the Schoharie Creek and sat on the rocks with our feet dangling in the water, eating and visiting. I few even took a dip in the stream.

Paper Pumpkin Craft Night
Well enough vacation photos. :-) This Sunday we are having a Paper Pumpkin Craft Night with my mom, sisters and friends. Hopefully I'll remember to take a few pictures.

If not...I'll be home next week with my photos and vacation memories. Project Life, here I come!

Happy Crafting!

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