Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Pop Up Card - Gorgeous and Unique!

I'm back — again. It seems like I say that a lot lately. I really need to learn how to juggle a little better. But WOW! What an astounding couple of weeks!

On a whim, I decided to make a pop up Mother's Day card for my Etsy Shop — the response was amazing, as is this card (which folds up flat and fits in a standard A2 envelope for easy mailing).

I had enough paper to make six cards which I figured would be plenty since I traditionally sell only 4 or 5 Mother's Day cards in my shop each year.

Well, they sold out within days! I quickly went through my paper stash and came up with a few additional card designs. After quite a few 20 hour days — I ended up selling over 100 Mother's Day cards! Woo Hoo!

I love this type of card! It's perfect for special occasions! Not only does it fold flat for mailing but when pulled out of the envelope it opens to form a beautiful display piece that can be enjoyed all year.

Tips and Instructions:

  • Directions to make the basic "Card in a Box" is can be found in a previous post: Make a Card in A Box
  • I use Scor-Pal Tape when making the box and attaching the inside support pieces — It's super strong and easy to work with.
  • Strips of clear craft plastic lift the embellishments out of the box.
  • I used 12" x 12" sheets of clear craft plastic cut into 2.75" x .25" strips.
  • Larger embellishments require wider strips of plastic so they don't flop over.
  • I purchased a 25 Pack of Grafix .007mm Clear Craft Plastic Sheets on Amazon for a very reasonable price. (They also have 4 Packs.)
  • I used Glue Dots Mini Adhesive Dots to attach the embellishments to the plastic strips and the plastic strips to the box. 
  • When adding embellishments, I am constantly checking to make sure I keep them within the folded box. Before permanently attaching the plastic strip with the embellishment I hold it in place and fold the card shut to be sure it stays within the confines of the box.
  • Keep tallest embellishments towards the back of the box.


Stampin' Up!:

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Lovely cards and I really appreciate your post! I made two of the "Card in a Box" cards and your tips were very helpful. Still, I can't imagine making 100 of these ... WOW!