Stamping Techniques

Kissing Technique
A stamping technique simply a way to use your stamping supplies in a different way. There are all kinds of techniques out there and people are coming up with more every day. These techniques not only keep your stamping fresh and interesting but they help you to get more versatility from your Stampin' Up! supplies.

Here are a few of my favorite techniques.

Stamping Off:
Stamping more than once without re-inking or stamping on scrap paper before stamping your good image. This removes some of the ink from your stamp resulting in lighter shades of the same color. You can stamp off any number of times before re-inking. the image will become lighter with each stamp.
A fun technique involving pressing two stamps together. Use a solid and a patterned stamp. Ink the sold stamp and press together with an un-inked patterned stamp to create a cool pattern. 

Rock and Roll:
Use this technique to apply a darker color ink to the edges of a stamped image. Choose two ink pads one lighter and one darker. Ink your image entirely with the lighter color ink then roll the edges of the stamp on the darker color ink pad.

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